Commendator Pozzobon Rosalio

The Pozzobon Agricultural Winery originated around 1700 as a settlement of farmers directly dependent on the Noble Caotorta at the Paolini countryside in Volpago del Montello, Belvedere area. This company has always cultivated vines to supply wine to the same nobles.
In 1969, Countess Ponti Matilde, heir to the noble Antifone Caotorta, sold a significant portion of the Paolini countryside to the current Commander Pozzobon, who has been producing and selling their own wines ever since. To ensure consumer health and environmental preservation, integrated pest management is followed, with technical consultation from Cecat in Castelfranco Veneto.




The title “Commendatore dell’Ordine al Merito”

The love for the wine and the dedication to work is undoubtedly one of the secrets of the Pozzobon Family for crafting excellent wines. In recognition of the quality and prestige of their craftsmanship, Mr. Pozzobon Rosalio was honored in 1993 with the title of Knight, in 1996 with the title of Officer, and finally in 2004 with the title of Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.





Montello, Hill Of Red Earth

The Montello is a distinctive red-earthed hill that rises, isolated and well-de ined, just beyond 300 meters south of the current course of the Piave River, whose proximity made the area an ideal place for human settlements.
The Montello is relatively sparsely populated and wooded, but there are vibrant and densely populated towns around it, the most important of which is Montebelluna. Geologically, the hill, with its typical red coloration, is a structure of alluvial conglomerates that formed between 60 and 5 million years ago.

the hill, with its typical red colour, is a structure of alluvial conglomerates formed between 60 and 5 million years ago.

The landscape of Montello is dominated by forests, once primarily oak forests, which were strictly regulated by laws of the Serenissima Republic of Venice. In fact, the “Bosco della Serenissima” served as a source of timber for the Venetian shipyards.
During its rule, the Republic o Venice brought a period of peace and tran uility to these lands, during which new crops were introduced. Venetian merchants immediately recognized the value of the new cultivations arriving from the Americas: corn, potatoes, beans, tomatoes, and some new grape varieties.




serenissima republic

Since 1471, the Serenissima Republic o Venice directly took care of the Montello Forest, which became a forest reserve of the Arsenal. In order to protect the forest, “saltari” were appointed in 1515, a sort of forest custodians, and in 1527, the irst “Captain of the Montello Forest” was elected. They were responsible for overseeing the forest heritage with the help of guards. This policy aimed to plan forest cultivation in a way that would ensure a constant and continuous production of timber for the Arsenal. No one was allowed to cut branches, tops, or any type of plant without proper permission. Severe penalties were imposed even for those who inadvertently cut small oak trees while mowing the grass.

During the cultivation of oaks, which received special attention from the Serenissima, special pruning techniques were practiced to shape the trunks according to specific parts of the ships. These silvicultural techniques were highly specialized and comparable to modern forestry practices.

THE TERRITORY – Montello, a red earth hill

the great war of 1915


With the fall of the Republic o Venice, the protection of the forest also disappeared. The advent of the Italian Republic through the Bertolini Law of 1892 disrupted the forest area, which was almost entirely deforested. Half of the land was assigned to poor families, while the other half was sold to private individuals to promote the growth of agricultural areas. This was facilitated by the construction of the irst interpoderal roads that traversed the entire hill. However, the absence of surface watercourses did not favor the development of crops, and slowly the forest regained dominance over Montello.
During the years of the Great War, Montello found itself on the front lines and became a formidable defensive system that led to the deforestation of almost the entire area. Military forti ications were built to impede the advance of the Austro-Hungarian army.
Unfortunately, the war nearly erased the historical, artistic, and cultural heritage that had marked the splendor of this area.

Our winery



Giuliano, Antonio, Fabrizio and Bruno

The Pozzobon family, currently composed of Giuliano, Antonio, Fabrizio, and Bruno, passionately and professionally manages the company, dedicating themselves to the cultivation of vineyards and other crops in a sustainable manner. The quality and precision of their products are the result of their constant attention to detail and the commitment of all family members. The company produces DOCG, DOC, and other high- quality wines, adhering to environmental sustainability criteria. Furthermore, since 2018, the company has been certified with SQNPI (National quality System for Integrated Production) for environmental sustainability in the vineyard.
Demonstrating their strong focus on sustainability and the preservation of the territory, the certi ication has expanded to both the vineyard and the winery since 2020. In 2012, the winery underwent a renovation, featuring a modern reception area and a tasting room, offering an unforgettable experience to visitors and customers.